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About Us

Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd establishes an elementary doctrine of prning every second bewitching. We committed to providing the highest quality members and guests. Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd has been a front runner within the industry by developing and operating an enormous collection of luxury resorts and hotels in prime locations in India, Europe, the Middle East, etc. We've evolved our Luxury holidays ownership to supply one of the most innovative and versatile holiday pacakage in the entire industry.

We empower over 50,000 families to plan their dream holidays. We provide over 10,000 luxury hotels and resorts across the world. We bring you the pliability of owning a luxury property around the globe and fuelling life through luxury holidays pacakage. We are committed to providing an unforgettable trip experience to our guests. Our members can enjoy flexible stays each year at our listed signature luxury hotels and resorts

We create unforgettable vacations from the very well-known resorts, drawing from our diaries of all getaway locations in India & worldwide. You can see us nestled in the mountains, lounging on coasts, tucked off in woods, and basking beneath the desert sunlight. Our nearest hotels make sure that clients have usage of enjoyment, independence, enjoyment, adventure, entertainment, and romance. Our household resorts also give a system for both kiddies to enrobe various avatars. Family holidays with Caribbean Holidays mean significantly more than diversion and sightseeing holidays. They necessarily mean carrying dwelling a record of exceptional memories to be treasured for life. At Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd; we help you transform your holidays into a magical, unforgettable experience.



CHI is a creation-based company to be the best in the luxury holiday ownership industry. We have been achieving this objective by sharpening our leadership, management and a complete focus on customer service. Our vision is to emerge as the most trusted and reliable luxury holiday Management Company not only in India but in the world.

We want to enhance the economic development of India through tourism and the destination leisure family holiday. We believe holidays fuel our company, our careers and the lives of our members. We initiate the world to travel. We celebrate the joy of the journey and the enlightenment of the destination. We believe in finding the best suitable place for you.

Our global team is always there to help you create a perfect getaway anytime. Our vision is to give our members a voice to share their experiences, promote active members’ choice and encourage a level playing ground for everyone in the industry. Also, our commitment is to provide a trusted luxury holiday platform with valued advice and insights from our community.


A fast emerging name in the hospitality area with luxurious resort & boutique hotels under a single banner; equipped with years of experience CHI is committed to quality, excellence and offering its members the finest holiday experiences. We have been committed to consistently providing delightful recreation, secure & safe environment and significant holiday experiences for every member of the CARIBBEAN HOLIDAYS INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD. Each of our luxury hotels and resorts yokes best in class technology in tune with global trends to deliver services as per the international standards. CHI hires a team of highly skilled staff, to deliver efficiency and competency while extending warmth to all our members. Unlike other companies, we never believe or recommend bait advertising. We deliver what we promise and we are always there to support you at every step of your trip. Having said that we always have a close look on the issues arising during an active holiday.

We will ensure that all our active members must feel a home away from their home. We believe in the long term relationship. Simultaneously, we never entertain the misuse of market power. We consider each and every member like our own family. This is the reason Caribbean Holidays have reached a milestone in the luxury Holiday industry. To revolutionize the holiday ownership industry to create the much-required reliability & widespread acceptance & by that, hold the huge potential that exists in the luxury holiday industry. We will touch this milestone through our excellence in our hospitality services, innovation and the prospect of our members' ever-changing needs and expectations. The capacity to fulfil this pledge will reflect in our profitability, constant growth and the success of the Caribbean Holidays and its members.


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