Posted On : March 02, 2024

Things To Do On A Trip To Bhimtal

Boat Ride on Bhimtal Lake One of the top things to do in Bhimtal is to go on a boat ride on the beautiful Bhimtal Lake. Cradled in the lush green Kumaon valley, the placid blue-green waters of this lake make for a scenic boat ride. Glide gently across the lake and feast your eyes on the surrounding oak and pine forests as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. You can take a pedal boat ride on your own and feel delightfully close to nature. Or go for a relaxed ride on a motorboat as you pass little islands like Khurpatal on the way. Watch ducks swimming playfully and see fishes darting under your boat. Towards the evenings, enjoy stunning reflections of sunset colors dancing across the lake waters. Trek to Syahi Devi Temple Located just 2 kms uphill from Bhimtal is the acclaimed Syahi Devi Temple, which makes for a good short trek. Be surrounded by towering cedar trees as you hike up to this revered temple built in the Kumaoni style of architecture. Said to be over 200 years old, the interiors of the temple boast intricate stone carvings and houses the deity Syahi Devi. The uphill trek may take about 1.5 hours. But the jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Bhimtal valley you get from the temple top make it worthwhile. Watch the glittering blue Bhimtal lake from above like a hidden precious gem amidst endless pristine forests. Do catch the sublime sunset views from here lighting up the sky in brilliant orange. Shop at Himalayan Weavers In the quaint little town of Bhimtal, one place you must visit is the government-run Himalayan Weavers outlet. This shop produces hand-woven woolens which represent the authentic local Kumaoni craft. Find an exquisite array of shawls, stoles, scarves, blankets, sweaters and more. Watch the weavers at work at their traditional looms, weaving designs inspired by wildflowers, pine trees, geometric patterns etc. The muted earthy tones blending alpaca, sheep and angora wool lend the products a warm, cozy feel. This is the best place to pick woolens for those cold winter months! Birdwatch at Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple Home to a rich variety of Himalayan bird species, Bhimtal attracts flocks of birdwatchers. One hot spot popular for sightings is the ancient Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple, located on the banks of the Bhimtal lake. Set amidst lush gardens, its swampy location next to the wetlands makes it ideal for avian visitors. Watch out for commonly spotted species like Eurasian sparrowhawk, Himalayan griffon, blue-throated barbet, kingfisher, woodpecker, and many more. Early mornings ensure maximum sightings of birds against scenic backdrops of Naukuchiatal Lake nearby and the Kumaon ranges in the distance.





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