Posted On : February 20, 2024

What to Know About Australia Before Planning a Vacation

From the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef to the rugged Red Center outback, Australia is a vastly diverse destination filled with vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes, and unique wildlife. Here are some key things to know before embarking on your Aussie getaway. It's Big! Do Your Research on What Regions to Focus On At nearly 3 million square miles, Australia is massive–about the same land size as the continental United States! When looking at a map of Australia, it's easy to underestimate just how huge in scale the country is. You could easily spend months exploring Australia and still not see everything. When planning your Australia itinerary, try limiting it to a particular region or city rather than attempting to tackle numerous states or territories at once. Look into what each region is best known for, and focus your vacation time accordingly. The Cities Delight with World-Class Amenities Cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne consistently rank amongst the world's most livable cities globally. Here you'll find thriving arts and culture scenes, fantastic dining options to suit any palate, lovely green parks and gardens, beaches right in the cities themselves, and very friendly people. Make sure to dedicate ample time soaking up all the urban highlights before venturing elsewhere. Can't miss spots like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne, and hidden hipster havens await! The Rugged Outback Showcases Ancient Landscapes In Australia's Red Center lies the rugged, remote Australian Outback. Get ready for an outback adventure like no other complete with red dirt extending for hundreds of miles, kangaroos and emus casually hopping by, and some of the planet's most ancient rock formations and landscapes. Highlights include seeing the immense sandstone spectacle of Uluru (Ayers Rock), hiking the equally stunning domed boulders of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and admiring Kings Canyon's towering ochre sandstone cliffs. Just know distances between sights are truly vast in the outback, so be sure to give yourself adequate time for lengthy drives and to properly explore this region's magic. Abundant Wildlife Encounters for Nature Lovers Get excited to see kangaroos, colorful parrots, lazy koalas hanging in eucalyptus trees, waddling wombats, huge emus, platypuses in quiet streams, and other wonderfully unique Australian creatures! The best places for guaranteed abundant wildlife encounters are Kangaroo Island off South Australia and the lush Daintree Rainforest area near the Great Barrier Reef in tropical Queensland. Seeing Australia's exotic animals thriving in their natural habitats is such an incredible joy. No matter what most excites you about visiting Australia, Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd's vacation membership program can help craft your personalized dream Aussie trip. From expert local guidance to unlocking exclusive partner discounts, amenities, and VIP access across Australia, making trip planning utterly seamless has never been simpler. Their dedicated holiday planners handle every detail and special request so you can simply arrive and soak up the wonders of Down Under carefree!





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