Posted On : February 20, 2024

What to Know About Seychelles Before Planning a Vacation

It's an Archipelago Nation, So Choose Islands Wisely The Seychelles consists of over 115 islands scattered like gems across the western Indian Ocean off East Africa. The inner islands center around the granite islands of the Mahé group, while the outer islands are remote, low-lying coral sand cays and atolls. When beginning to plan your Seychelles trip, first figure out which islands best match your interests, as hopping between multiple islands requires flights or lengthy boat trips. Research the differences between main islands like Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue in terms of vibe, activities, accommodations, and ease of transportation. Lively Mahé Island is the Seychelles' Portal The largest and most developed island of this tropical paradise is Mahé, home to the international airport, bustling capital city Victoria, stunning sheltered beaches like Beau Vallon and Anse Intendance, the moraine-covered slopes of Morne Seychellois National Park, local handicraft shops and art galleries, an array of restaurants suiting every palate, resorts ranging from luxury to budget stays, and generally the most action. As Mahé can be reached by direct international flights from Africa, Europe and Asia, it will likely be where you touch down first and get your bearings before venturing to quieter islands. Pristine Landscapes and Seascapes Galore What ultimately draws visitors from across the globe to the Seychelles are the pristine white and pink sand beaches bordered by giant granite boulders and coconut palms, fiery sunsets over calm azure waters, verdant rainforests, and misty mountains perfect for hiking, vibrant marine life for snorkeling and diving, and stunning island vistas around every bend. Prepare to repeatedly be amazed by the Seychelles' spectacular natural beauty and diversity across its islands. Endemic Wildlife Calls Seychelles Home The Seychelles islands harbor a diversity of endemic flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. The Aldabra giant tortoise, one of the largest tortoise species in the world, calls Seychelles home. You'll also find rare and beautiful bird species like the Seychelles black parrot, strange reptiles like the leaf-nosed snake, unusual jellyfish tree forests cloaking mountain slopes, several vibrant orchid varieties, carnivorous pitcher plants, sea cucumbers, and more. When planning your trip to what's nicknamed the "Galápagos of the Indian Ocean," enrolling in Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd's vacation membership program means unlocking the very best of Seychelles through special access, rates, and beloved local partners. Their dedicated holiday experts will tailor and flawlessly execute your island-hopping itinerary while you simply soak up this tropical paradise's charm.





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