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The CARIBBEAN HOLIDAYS INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD group manages luxury resorts, hotels, clubs, fitness centres in India, Europe and the Middle East. We offer family holidays through our holiday ownership program. Our holiday pacakage involves passage to luxury hotels & resorts. We offer customized holiday destinations from fabulous beaches to the hills, fitness clubs to penthouses, etc. One-stop solutions for a world-class holiday to crowded events, clubs, bars, restaurants, keeping in mind all the dimensions to great entertainment as well as the unexpected leisure.


The luxury accommodations at CARIBBEAN HOLIDAYS INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD contains the rich culture and history of India. With elegant furnishings, timeless decoration and the unparalleled comfort of your own personal and private space. Be it a business trip or pleasure rest assured on us to your home away from home. Choose from a wide range of luxurious rooms and modern suites; each room facilitates the exterior view that can satisfy your high standards and fulfil the essential needs.

Special Superior Category Accomodation:

Are you a professional traveller or scholar seeking a short stay and for exclusive accommodation? If yes, then our SUPERIOR Room will best suit your needs.

TYPE 1 - Studio Standard room.

Our finest Studio Room with the most luxurious accommodation we can offer with the distinct views. If 2 Adults 2 Kids or 3 Adults are travelling then, it'd be the best options to choose from. The room will be having enough space for each and everyone along with the latest amenities inside. 24/7 hot & cold water, laptop-friendly space, table for book lovers and a dedicated area to dine.

  • Total Occupancy: 2 Adults and 2 Kids or 3 Adults(extra bedding charges applicable)
  • 1 King Double Size Bed
  • A flat-screen HD TV
  • Safety lockers
  • Mini-Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Other Essentials


A high-end sophisticated top of the notch room with original history, artificial decorative ceilings and ornamental fireplaces. Along with a choice of several spectacular, scenic views, our Presidential Suite Room settles for nothing less than the best.

  • Total Occupancy: 4 Adults & 2 Kids or 5 adult(extra bedding charges applicable)
  • 1 double King Size Bed
  • Modular Kitchen(optional)
  • Exterior View of the Pool/lake/River/Sea
  • Safety Lockers
  • Mini-Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • All other Facilities

We are flexible to customize the room also upon request. kindly contact CARIBBEAN HOLIDAYS INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD Expert for your special requirements during the stay.

Note: Special requirements during the stay may attract charges over and above.

Choice of Accommodation

Families come in all shapes and sizes. So do our rooms. Choose the one that best suits your family. At most resorts of Sterling, you get to choose from three types of accommodation according to your holiday needs.


Two Bedroom Accommodation

Two Bedroom

Take relaxed to a fresh of level as you stay in this extensive acccomodation. Two rooms with extra large beds and a different living region with a twofold couch cum bed. Obliges a limit of 6 grown-ups.

One Bedroom Accommodation

One Bedroom

Very much known and with large area and extraordynary facilities. Accompanies an extra large bed and a different living region loaded with a twofold couch cum bed. Obliges a limit of 4 grown-ups.

Studio Accommodation


Large area covered room furnished with present day conveniences. With a twin or queen size bed and a solitary couch cum bed. Obliges with 2 large and 2 small or 3 large.

Choice of Seasons

You can choose your holiday in one of the four seasons mentioned below

Holiday seasons that are popular holidays in School and college.

Weekends that are Extended or for short getaways for short time.

For those who Loves holiday getaways.